The Berwyn Range is an land of heather-clad mountains and grassland valleys. Virtually unknown compared with nearby Snowdonia, here you can enjoy spectacular views along mountain walks and find a true sense of escape. The highest peak in the range, Cadair Berwyn, is also the highest mountain in Wales outside of the country’s National Parks. 

Thanks to its many rare animal inhabitants, much of The Berwyn Range is a protected wildlife reserve. Keep an eye out for peregrine falcons, buzzards, and short-eared owls gliding in its the skies and polecats slinking through its woodlands. 

The area is also home to an ancient standing stone that presides over the landscape between Cadair Berwyn and another peak called Tomle. 

Glendower lies within the Berwyn Range. Walking trails lead from the park down through its valleys and up over it peaks.